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Friday, February 18, 2011

6 Years? Really?

Six years ago today...on this very day...Friday, February 18 (2005), Tinker first showed signs of what was a blown disc in his back. It was probably around this same time at night we were at the emergency hospital being assured that it was just muscular and sent home with steroids and a muscle relaxant.

Cutting to the chase, we ended up back in the hospital the next night and Tinker had his surgery the following Wednesday. Months of rehab followed and in October Tinker was back walking on all fours without the aid of a cart or harness. That's our boy.

Through it all he has always been the same happy go lucky dude that he was from day one.

We love you Tinker! :)

And we are thankful that this blog has been helpful to so many people looking for answers about IVDD, and searching for resources and a good outcome. We started it really as just a placeholder for our own thoughts, never imagining how many people would read it. We thank you for all your kind words through the years and Tinker thanks you for your support as always.

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Anonymous Chris said...

Hi~I stumbled upon Tinkers blog while looking for info on IVDD. We have a rescue beagle that we think is about 5 or 6 or 7..who knows. Last week my son was hospitalized so I was out of town with him and our pups were here with dad.

My husband said he doesn't remember anything unusual happening but suddenly our little guy can't jump, cries when his backside is moved, won't wag is usually frantic tail, and has been using the carpet instead of the grass for his business. He is a little better every day but in researching, I decided that he really needs to be checked. (our other pup recently had a "broken tail" after a grooming and this seemed similar...but now we think it is more).

I have an appointment with the vet the first of the week.

I am especially glad you mentioned side effects of the medications. I am leery of many because of side effects, etc, so I will likely ask that we not use any of the "common" medications for this.

Anyway....thanks for documenting Tinkers troubles...it gave me some info that I will be armed with during our vet visit.

(ps...aren't beagles the bomb?? I have had dogs all of my life but this little guy is without a doubt the sweetest and most enjoyable :-)

February 26, 2011 at 3:53:00 PM EST  

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