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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath...

April-5-05 003

It's been nearly 2 weeks since our last entry, and things are going very well. It's 7 weeks to the day since his surgery and we're happy to see continuing progress. After a slow start in hydrotherapy, Tinker has taken to it like- well- a fish to water. His time has increased every week and he is now up to 16 minutes at .2 mph, 3 times a week.

April-5-05 013

Tinker is also still getting the 10 minutes of laser treatment prior to the hydrotherapy. It's really doing a great job of helping to heal his incision. You can hardly even see the scar.

At first Tinker would actually try to move his back feet, but wouldn't move his front feet. I guess he figured he could keep his balance that way. Gradually, encouraged by C or I holding a treat at the front of the tank, Tinker began walking with his front feet and slowly, but surely, picking up and putting down his back feet. It's wonderful to see. Tracy stands in the tank with him and "plays goalie"- she makes sure he stays in a straight line and doesn't stop walking.

April-5-05 012

Tinker has also been getting exercise and walking practice with the help of a sling. It goes up his back legs and connects slightly above the base of his tail. We hold his back legs up while he does the work with his front. A slip leash goes around his neck to help steer him. He walks incredibly fast, practically running at times.

April-7-12-05 007

At times he can be difficult to steer because we don't want to put any strain on his neck, but as any beagle owner knows, they can be extremely stubborn/strong willed. Tinker is no different. There are times we walk in small circles as we battle each other for which way to go. You can't help but laugh.

April-7-12-05 010

Tinker's strong front legs have really been an asset.


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