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Monday, July 03, 2006

A Day to Celebrate

Tomorrow is the 4th of July - a day to celebrate our country's independence. It's also another day for us to celebrate Tinker's independence from walking aids. We continue to marvel at "The Dude's" progress. Yes, there has still been additional progress. For one thing, Tinker has visibly added more muscle. At 21.6 pounds, he's a lean, mean loving machine.

A good example of the difference a year can make occured when we went to a local 4th of July parade this past Saturday (7/1). We had gone to the same parade a year ago. Only last year Tinker was in his cart. This time around Tinker walked around, sat around, jumped around...

One of our highlights of this year's parade was seeing Zoey the Beagle again. We had originally met Zoey and her humans at last year's parade. And, Zoey's people were all smiles when they saw the progress that Tinker has made. And, Tinker wasn't the only one with a big change. Zoey was just a 5-month-old pup last year and is now a full grown Beagle girl.

This time, Tinker got the chance to romp around with Zoey, which was a treat for everyone. Virginia likes to watch - "You guys go ahead, I have stuff to sniff".

A meeting of the minds

It was very hot this past Saturday, but neither we nor the Beags seemed to mind. The warm weather this year, especially the milder weather in February and March, has really contributed to a very apparent improvement in Tinker's gait. With milder weather, we were able to take him out more often for longer walks, rather than just a quick in/out to do his business. It's also been very helpful in making sure that Tinker completely empties his bladder. Rather than when we just express him, he does most of the work himself in emptying his bladder. He's even begun to try to lift a leg at times, often balancing against the side of a tree. Tinker likes to create what's known in the business as "piddle art". :) It's the fine art of peeing as you walk, leaving a nice trail that is not only a work of art, but is also self drying! His routine tends to be: walk, pee, lick his legs (he tends to spray the back of his front legs)...walk, pee, lick his legs, repeat...

Though we don't allow Tinker to jump up on the couch or our bed we still let him go up on the futon, which is much lower to the ground. He likes nothing more than to snuggle up with Virginia on their cushy crate pads atop the futon. He usually gets a running start and then pushes off of the dog bed we have in front of the futon. His approach kind of resembles Spiderman swinging thru the air.

Tinker still walks on an underwater treadmill and goes for acupuncture every 5 weeks. We figure by this time next year he'll be climbing trees. ;)


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